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Photo Lab is an easy to use app for adding fun photo effects, artistic filters and making cool photo montages. If you have any suggestions on new features or improvements, you are welcome! Feel free to express your ideas and vote on others’.
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2334 votes Vote

I cannot bring up a photo from Photo Library...

Response from the site administrator
Nataliya, 11.03.2012
Dear Lab iOS users! Are you still experiencing this problem? If yes, please tell what version of Lab are you using - free or paid? What device are you running the app on? What iOS version does your device have?

Please answer in comments.
dotjon5, 26.06.2011, 18:30
945 votes Vote

I wish you can Manually center YOUR PHOTO. It's a GREAT app. But most of my photos aren't centered correctly after it processes. So I suggest users have manual control even after the photo is processed

Nate, 01.10.2011, 20:23
539 votes Vote

i bought the pro to get rid of ads. When I try and process a project, it starts to process then it shuts down and go's to my home screen! What can be done about this?

Nate, 11.08.2012, 19:21
533 votes Vote

Was trying to download photos into the Shape Collages but no response and been waiting for few mins while screen showing 'downloading'... For your kind assistance.

June, 25.02.2012, 05:07
493 votes Vote

Being able to put pics together like 2 pics from our photo album. Also being able to change eyes or hair color that would be pretty cool

Response from the site administrator
04a_ily, 02.12.2011
The first suggestion is pretty easy to perform and we'll think of it! The second (change eyes or hair color) is harder to perform. but we'll try.
Gorge, 20.11.2011, 18:26
368 votes Vote

Not creating images after paying to remove ads.

I was able to use the app before I paid to remove ads. Now it lets me go through the full process to create it, but once i hit process it completely exits the app and discards my photos... Please respond. I've posted once before and go no help...
Nikkib504, 13.05.2012, 00:57
304 votes Vote

On my ipad 2 the photo lab pro has to be updated, but I can't get it update, it won't work.

maria, 16.07.2012, 11:28
182 votes Vote

Server failed to process

I bought the Pro version but dosn't work. Problem; Server failed to process request. Please help me.
Response from the site administrator
markova, 20.12.2012
Does this problem persist? Please specify your phone model and other relevant details!
Rene M, 07.08.2012, 14:43
152 votes Vote

I bought the pro version but when I try to make a pic it says error occurred, I want a refund if it's not going to work

Response from the site administrator
Constantine, 30.08.2012
Sounds like an ID bug we're already fixed. If you encounter further problems hit our maintainance team at
Cheers Constantine
Ashlea, 29.08.2012, 02:31
148 votes Vote

How do I export a photo from this ap to my photos on iPad 2?

Natalie, 25.08.2012, 14:06
138 votes Vote

It takes forever lo load then it crashes. Otherwise great app

It takes forever to load then it crashes. Otherwise great app
Eddie, 02.08.2012, 18:21
135 votes Vote

Great app. I have fun with it all the time

Lori, 03.08.2012, 12:32
124 votes Vote

Can't lov

Can't locate app on iPad but app store...reads installed! Can't re-install because it is highlighted as installed and can't see icon/apps anywhere on iPad! Help not available!
Response from the site administrator
Constantine, 30.07.2012
Hello Harvey!
Latest versions of iOS allow you to create folders for your apps. Mayhaps the app is installed somewhere on your device but you can't find it? Please contact Apple support for further help.
Harveyglasser, 29.07.2012, 22:37
114 votes Vote

in my app there aren't effects, in any category

Francesca, 22.08.2012, 10:59
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113 votes Vote

I can't process anything on my iphone 4

Catkimba, 18.09.2012, 18:28
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104 votes Vote

I downloaded this because it said I could add text to my phone but I can not find where to do it :-(

Desiray, 02.09.2012, 15:25
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100 votes Vote

Where is gif being stored can't find to send email

Debee, 26.08.2012, 15:05
96 votes Vote

Limit of process..

Sience i had download the app, i am having issues  can to process more than 4 pic by day. Does the free app has a limit of process???
Response from the site administrator
Constantine, 30.08.2012
It doesn't Bethy. Looks like something went wrong. Did you try reinstalling?
Bethy merlin, 30.08.2012, 17:04
1 comment
94 votes Vote

Could you please get back with me I have a iPhone 4 and paid the pro version price and do not have all the effects it shows I was suppose to recieve!!

Cindy Phillips , 16.08.2012, 17:50
-1 comment
92 votes Vote

В общем приложение очень хорошее,но вот уже скоро 2013 год,а у вас всё ёщё шаблоны с позапрошлого и настоящего уходящего годов! Где же змеиный 2013 год?!

Александр, 19.12.2012, 14:17
61 votes Vote

Unlike all of the other people who say “app,” I think that it is a pretty fun tool to experience.

It's pretty good. I'm sorry, but the word app is just annoying me.
Katey Rose, 01.10.2013, 03:25
-1 comment
39 votes Vote

Outstanding product! Great value and great fun!

Never used any photo software in my life and yet now (aged 55) I'm learning new skills and laughing at the same time! Highly recommended!
Alan Sarll, 17.05.2014, 15:01
33 votes Vote

After update save to camera roll not showing.

I paid for an app that allowed me to save to my camera roll. When will this be fixed? Thank you.
Tza, 18.12.2012, 15:48
26 votes Vote

Please if you could upload multiple photos to create a calendar 2013th year is coming to an end. Thanks

Please if you could upload multiple photos to create a calendar 2013th year is coming to an end. Thanks
Bogomir, 02.12.2012, 08:44
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26 votes Vote

Bellissima applicazione!

Adriano, 06.01.2013, 16:54
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25 votes Vote

There're many old images. The next snake-year on the way. Need updating urgently!

Alex, 19.12.2012, 11:23
25 votes Vote

Has trouble finding my face when it's clear as day, love this app but that I hate. Also the cropping won't let me center it, not a good cropping feature.

Robert b, 24.12.2012, 05:01
24 votes Vote

I can get picture created and it says processing for a few seconds, then app closes. I deleted app then reinstalled only to have same thing happen. Help??? I love this app and want it to work again. Thanks

April Smith, 28.09.2012, 22:17
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24 votes Vote

Too slow and take time to process, please fixs it

Toos slow and takes time to process, please fix the problem. Thanks
Maria, 30.08.2012, 21:16
24 votes Vote

The process takes forever

Sorin Marcuti, 23.12.2012, 22:05
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